Food Allergy Experience

It’s been a while….

Hey there! Sorry I’ve been a stranger recently. I think I’ve said this before, but if not, Kindergarten has taken us for quite the loop! My little guy with the allergies is not in kinder, but his big sister is. And anyone with more than one child knows, what impacts one child, impacts the other family members.

Since, I’ve been absolutely horrible at updating with the mundane stuff, I thought I’d better stop in for the more important update. This one is good news, mostly anyways.

Last week the Little Guy had his labs rechecked. We did do a failed food challenge earlier this winter for egg. Despite failing the challenge, he’d been ok- no anaphylaxis just slight rash around his lips. Overall all the allergist cancelled the other scheduled challenges but felt quite hopeful we’d have success in the future. Well, now the future is here, and we recheck his labs.

I don’t have the official numbers, they’ll be mailed to me and I’ll put them in here once I get them. But overall he had a lot of movement down. In fact, mostly movement down. There were a couple of upward moving numbers (boo!) but at least there weren’t many of those. But, since I don’t want to go off my memory, I’ll go more into that later.

The good news is, we will be doing a milk food challenge next month…wait, that’s right, next month! If that goes well, we’ll be adding an egg challenge. From my phone conversation, both the milk and egg remain at a 3 on the scale of 1-6. So, there’s still a decent chance he’ll fail the challenge. However, if he can pass, life will be safer for him and less worrisome for me. This is especially true as age 5 is quickly approaching.




  1. I hope all goes well with the challenges. Life would be a little easier for you.

    • Thanks! I’m really hoping so.

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