Food Allergy Experience

The Results Are In!

I keep track of this running labs for myself mostly. I know several people who read this like to see how his numbers are doing, so I put them here. Also by posting it here, it helps me to see how they’ve come along.


Allergen       Original       Test 2       Test 3       Test 4            Test 5     Test 6       Class (1-6)

Cat                  10.9               22.4          70.7           67.4               17.9          45.2             4

Crab               ——               43              60              <0.35                                                        Neg

Dog                 17.4               44.6           55.9            52.1             24.1           20.1            4

Egg                 >100              20.3          34.8            24.0                13.9        10.9            3

Milk                41.2                70.8          82.1            48.4            17.8            9.87           3

Peanut          76.1                36.6           39.3            23.4             12.7            10.1           3

Soy                 14.2                 7.32           6.94           3.56                                  NA             NA

Wheat            33.9                  49.1          48.7           24.9            8.83          9.20            3

Mango           ——-              0. 67          0.91            0.35                                                       Neg

Nut Allergy Results

Allergen        Original        Test 2         Class 0-6

Almond         1.16                  0.78            2

Brazil Nut     0.51                 <0.35         0

Cashew                                     <0.35        0

Hazelnut       1.15                   0.67          1

Pecan             <0.35               <0.35       0

Pine Nuts     <0.35              <0.35        0

Pistachio     0.83                  0.52           1

Walnut          <0.35               <0.35        0

Chestnut       0.49                 0.38           1

Macadamia                             0.24          1

So, what do these numbers mean, you may be asking. In most cases, his numbers have improved. The largest drop is his Milk, dropping by almost 8 points. That’s great! This followed by dog which dropped by 4 points and egg which dropped by 3 points. Peanut also made a good drop. Although Hazelnut only dropped by around 0.5 which doesn’t seem like much, it actually dropped by 1/2. Several of the tree nuts have dropped too. Even the smallest drops are exciting for me as age 5 is quickly approaching. (Age 5 is a magic number as usually where they are at age 5 is where they’ll stay.)

We did have some increases. Wheat went up to 9.20 which is quite a bit lower than our original number of 33. Cat went up significantly and remains higher than the original. I marked Soy as NA because he safely eats it and it wasn’t tested.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are able to do a food challenge for both Milk and Egg. Since the Milk is the lowest, we have that scheduled for next month. I was pretty relieved that I didn’t have to wait 3 months like last time. I’m also pretty nervous. He has been anaphylactic to milk before. Now, granted that was when he’s numbers were much higher and it was uncooked glass of milk. But, still, it makes me nervous.

Some of you may remember that we did attempt an egg allergy in February. He failed it. He had developed a rash around his lips and (as he described it) salty taste in his mouth. We had to stop it and cancel the rest of the appointments. We cancel the appointments because his other results were higher than his egg and she didn’t want him to have a bad reaction and then he become scared of the tests. I felt very disappointed but the allergist said there was a lot of hope. He’s reaction was localized and wasn’t severe. She said that this was a good sign and felt he’d do better at the next challenge. So, we scheduled a lab recheck and here we are.

So we are hopeful. I honestly was hoping for much higher drops. Since they remain a 3 out of 6, there is a good chance he won’t pass. Usually they have to be a 2 or lower. We were quite successful with Soy which was a 3 at the time of the challenge. So, I do hope this will be the case this time.


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