Food Allergy Experience

Trix is for Kids

I get really excited when I find a cereal or something that’s “normal” that is safe for my kiddo. So often I feel like I’ve read every single label in the grocery. Every. Single. One. And then, something amazing will happen. I will find something that either wasn’t safe for him before or I just didn’t realize was safe for him. It’s not uncommon for companies to change their recipes. It’s great when it works in our favor and something new becomes safe. It really sucks when it goes the opposite way, something that once was safe and then becomes unsafe.


This weekend, I found this jackpot! Trix is not just for other kids, it’s now for mine. I can’t say if it’s always been safe, but I can say that Monday morning my little guy ate his first bowel of Trix cereal.

I know cereal isn’t the healthiest of foods. But, honestly, we eat so healthy in this house that I don’t stress too much over my kids eating some cold cereal.

Have you found a food recently that was a pleasant surprise?



  1. Sometimes it is just nice to be a kid and eat like one. Congratulations.

    • Thanks! And you’re right! I think kids need to be feel like kids. That is one of my biggest goals, to make sure he doesn’t feel different or left out. 🙂

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