Food Allergy Experience

A Year of Growth


I knew this day would come. We’re preparing for preschool for my allergic child. It’s a scary thought. I’m trusting a complete stranger in the care of a child where literally, one mistake could kill him. I’m not being over dramatic. It’s scary. It’s real.

This last year I’ve seen my little one grow and develop. He’s mastered counting, heck today he counted to 29. He’s very chatty and talks using some amazing vocabulary. He now even dresses himself. Yes, this year I’ve seen many of the typical development of a now 4 year-old.

What isn’t typical in his development? He asks if his food is safe for him to eat. And even more than that, he specifically asks about his specific allergies (milk, wheat, eggs, nuts). He knows if any of that is in his food, he doesn’t eat it. If he ever wonders if he can eat it, he asks. It’s pretty amazing that he knows his limits and has accepted them just as one would accept they shouldn’t eat grass.


All of this helps me feel more comfortable sending him to preschool. He not only is ready academically but, he’s as ready as he can be with regards to his unique situation. And really, that’s a relief. The adults have to protect him, but it’s nice to see he’s taking an active role in being safe.



  1. My son heads into grade 2 this year. I’ve been very happy with how the school handles his allergies and he is also a great advocate for himself. I remember how nerve-wracking those first days were. Deep breaths!!

    • Thanks! It’s nice to hear it went well. It seems like I only hear about the difficulties. 🙂

  2. Loved ur post it was so real and just shows what an amazing mom u are. I have to admit I had to switch my daughters school because the one she was in just wasn’t safe enough for her. The most important thing you can do is make sure your child is aware or their allergies without putting too much pressure on them. This is my struggle and issue in dealing with my daughter who is 6. Your son is ready but you are not. What parent would be! I shake every day my little girl goes to school or camp. If you are interested check out my blog my goal is to offer support for moms just like me who deal with the struggle. Good luck!

    • Thanks! I’m glad you found a school that will be safe. I know my kiddo is ready, it’s just hard for me. I’ll check out you’re blog 🙂

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