Food Allergy Experience

First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was the first day of preschool. We all survived. Heck, I even survived without tears! I think the no-tears was mostly because my husband does the drop-off at daycare instead of me dropping him off somewhere completely new. Irregardless of the reason, I made it without tears! Kindergarten, will be whole a new ball game. My goal this week is to have him have no idea how anxious I am. Because I don’t want my anxiety to result in his school anxiety.

A food allergy kid has a few more things to get ready prior to school than the average kid. Everyone has the school shopping list, but we had a few extra’s to take care of.

The Food Allergy Kid’s Back to School Check-list












School Supplies










Epi-Pen Bag

Action Plans Dr. signed and approved- In our case we have both food allergies and asthma

Food Plan discussed with teacher

Since his preschool is inside his daycare, most of these extra arrangements were easily discussed and arranged at pick-up or drop-off. It took about 15 minutes to discuss the plan for the epi-pen and realization that I needed a little baggie to put it in inside his backpack. We also discussed where to put his afternoon snack to make sure it made it to the preschool classroom. Overall, figuring out the logistics wasn’t too hard.

But, figuring out how to be comfortable with someone new caring for my little guy. To know that even though there will be new kids to teach and direct, she could keep him safe. That really is the hard part for this mamma. It’s the trusting a complete stranger with my child’s life. That’s hard.

On a positive note, I think this little guy was ready for preschool! He loved his first day and I’m sure he’ll love it again today.




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