Food Allergy Experience

The wonderful world of eggs (challenge)

As many of you know, we’ve started adding egg back into our diet. The Little Guy had the food challenge almost 4 weeks ago and is now on 3 eggs baked in 12. The first 3 weeks we did muffins but this week I made cupcakes. He was getting super tired of eating muffins and I hoped cupcakes would help him want to eat it. But we’re still struggling a bit. I think he’s just tired of eating basically the same thing (cupcakes are basically sweetened muffins with frosting on top…) every day. I’m hopeful that next week we’ll be able to move out of baked goods.

The last 3 weeks have been incredible for this food challenge. We’ve had a few before, some very successful and some not so much. In the past I’d approach these challenges super excited. That was, of course, until he stopped passing them. Once we had a couple failed attempts, I became more anxious about it. More worried.

This egg challenge is the furthest we’ve gone in a challenge like it. We’ve completed a soy challenge and shellfish. But both were much more straightforward, he passed we could eat it. This challenge, however, has had more steps. I thought I’d share the steps with you. At least the steps, we’ve completed so far.

Week 1: Baked egg challenge in the office: 1 egg to 24 muffins. Then one of those muffins daily x7 days

Week 2: 1 egg to 12 muffins daily x7 days

Week 3: 2 eggs to 12 muffins daily x7 days

Week 4: 3 eggs to 12 muffins (for us cupcakes) x7 days

I’ll call the allergist back on Friday to get further instructions. So far, he’s not had any reaction to the eggs. I’m really hoping we’ll be out of the baked muffin/cupcake/bread type items.


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