Food Allergy Experience

Egg Challenge: Update

It’s hard to believe we’ve been working on the egg challenge since December 1st! As previous posts have stated, we started off pretty slowly introducing egg back into his diet.


Here’s an overview of our progress: Week 1: Baked egg challenge in the office: 1 egg to 24 muffins. Then one of those muffins daily x7 days

Week 2: 1 egg to 12 muffins daily x7 days

Week 3: 2 eggs to 12 muffins daily x7 days

Week 4: 3 eggs to 12 muffins (for us cupcakes) x7 days

Week 5-6: pancakes daily

Week 6-7: French Toast


We started French Toast last Saturday and the Little Guy has been doing an amazing job. He is now up to 3 pieces of French Toast daily. It is with his gluten free bread which is smaller than regular bread. I would guess it equals about 2 slices of regular bread to his 3 slices.

I do have a dilemma. He is to eat French Toast 1-2 weeks before moving to scrambled eggs (yes that’s our next step!). I want to start scrambled egg on a weekend instead of during the week just in case. This way I’ll be here to watch him instead of relying on daycare to watch him. I could technically start scrambled egg on this Saturday. He would have had French Toast for 7 days. Or if I wait, it will be a full two-weeks of French Toast. The problem is, he’s been very cooperative with our reintroduction and I know having the same food for two weeks can get old. I don’t want him to decide he doesn’t want to eat his breakfast.

It has been good buying eggs again and I’m amazed on how many eggs we’re going through weekly. I’ve also looked through the grocery aisles excited for the new things the Little Guy will be able to eat soon. I’m beginning to get very excited for him.


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