Food Allergy Experience

And the Winner is….

Its been a crazy week! I did receive a copy of all my Little Guy’s labs but I’ve not had a chance to type it. Even though I’m don’t have time to type all the results up, I did want to give a quick little update.

Max had his allergist appointment last week. It was a chaotic week and I completely went to the appointment on the wrong day. Yeah, I was a week early. Super embarrassed and ready to slowly with my head down, walk out of the office, the nurse stopped me. I was in luck, there had been a cancellation. On top of that, I realized I forgot our insurance card. The lab, despite having been there multiple times, won’t draw any blood without the card. I asked the nurse for one more favor, a copy of the insurance card. I must say, I said a prayer of thankfulness that everything worked out OK.

Despite all of the stress, his appointment went wonderfully. The Dr was very impressed with his progress. She commented about how very different he looked from when she first saw him. We talked briefly about possibly stopping his daily Zyrtec and will probably do this in June after the pollen counts drop some. She ordered his lab draws and off we went.

My Little Guy handles lab draws amazingly. He’s always sat still and watched his blood drain from his body. This draw was another example how amazing he is and how grown-up he’s getting. He climbed up in the chair and asked to sit alone. The lab tech was cautious before she started and impressed when she finished.

On to what I imagine most of you are really reading this for, he’s results. I quick brief over view. His wheat went up again. I’m growing to accept the fact that may not go away. His nuts were all over the board, some going up and some going down. The Egg went up but really doesn’t matter much as he’s now eating that safely. The best news is, his milk. That dropped almost two points. This is awesome because this means he can do a food challenge. In about 6 weeks, we’ll be doing the baked milk challenge.

And so the winner this time around is milk. And of course My Little Guy. Here’s to hoping the next few weeks go by quickly and he passes his baked milk challenge so we can eventually move on to Ice Cream therapy. 🙂


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