Food Allergy Experience

Deep in the Trenches

This morning was a rough one in our house. My Little Guy had a field trip so I needed to pack him a sack lunch. He was cranky and had a few meltdowns. I ended up making him two breakfasts of which he ate one. He cried through getting his teeth brushed and getting dressed. It was one of those mornings I wished I was a stay at home, homeschooling mom. That way he could sleep until he woke-up. I know he was tired, he’d had soccer practice the night before which demanded a bath due to being dirty and sweaty. Bed time was pushed back.

With all of that going on, I forgot to put together an AM and PM snack for him. I forgot to fill out the daycare slip.

It was one of those mornings. Everyone whose been a parent longer than a few days have had those days. The days that people tell you about but you can wrap you’re mind around until you’ve experienced. Those days where nothing, and I mean nothing, goes right. Those days help validate the statement: Parenting is hard.

Those days are the days as an allergic child’s parent that you don’t have the luxury of having. One bad day with one bad move can result in your child getting sick and spending time in the ER. One day of forgetting to pack his snack now has me re-arranging my work schedule to find a time to drive him his snack. You must be at the top of your game 100% of the time.  (This of course is completely impossible to achieve. You will make mistakes and have bad days.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we’re Supermoms. Sadly, I don’t have any super powers unless you count amazing organizational skills or the power to stay calm. I’m not saying we deserve a special trophy for dealing with day-to-day life. (Although I wouldn’t turn down a coffee and doughnut). I’m certainly not saying I’m a better mom than anyone else or my trenches are deeper than yours. (Just for the record, I hate the let’s compare wounds/trenches game because no one comes out the winner.)

I am saying, that we don’t have the luxury of having a bad day or a bad morning. We don’t have the luxury of saying, I forgot his snack but it’s OK he’ll eat what everyone else is. I am saying life is hard and stressful in this trench.

But the joy of seeing my happy, healthy little guy. My little guy whose not itching or red and blotchy but happily playing without a care in the world. That makes me extremely happy. That tells me that all those cruddy, stressful, bad mornings and days are 100% worth it.

So go, hug your babies. Remind them that you love them. And remember, some days you’re deep in the trenches and life is tough, but you’re baby’s happiness is the payment that will always pay back 110% of effort you put in.


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