Food Allergy Experience

Muffins and School

It’s been kind-of a crazy year for me. Along with several personal things, I also started back to school. This has drastically limited my free-time. It’s amazing how much time obtaining a Master’s degree can take. With limited free time, several of my hobbies went to the wayside.

However, our allergy situation has changed a bit and I wanted to talk a bit about it. My little guy started Kindergarten in August. Not only was I faced with the usual mommie fears (will he have friends, is he really ready, but he’s just my baby, etc) but also had major fears associated with his food allergies. Its crazy scary knowing he will be surrounded by completely new people who will be responsible for keeping him safe.

Despite my fear and sudden desire to move to Alaska and live in a bubble (I get the urge a lot), I knew he was ready for the big step of kindergarten. I worked with the school staff and was able to assist with writing the food allergy policy. I will say, this has been an amazing experience. I’ve felt supported knowing the staff truly care. I’m very lucky with the school we chose to send our kiddos to. But truly the whole school experience is a blog entry of its own.

Now on to milk muffin therapy. I’ve been very hesitant to post much about this on, well anywhere, but especially on Facebook. Why? Because part of me, the unreasonable part of me, is superstitious. You see, in the past, we’ve started the milk muffin therapy twice and haven’t gotten very far. My hopes and excitement was raised and then drastically fell. I also found once I posted how amazing it was going, we’d then crash and burn with a rash and/or hives.

So you see my hesitancy is valid. I don’t want to inadvertently cause him to fail by tempting fate. Ok. I know, my rational side is telling me I’m full of crap. But the crazy woman inside wins sometimes.

I am however, I think, maybe…possibly….ready to give the big announcement. Max has been on 1/2 cup of milk in 12 muffins for three weeks now. He started with 1/2 a muffin x2 weeks due to sadly reacting the first day we gave it him (although now, I suspect it was more contact but it’s always better to be safe than sorry). He’s had 1 whole muffin x7 days now. The Little Guy needs to eat 1 whole muffin x7 more days. We will then check-in with the allergist and get further direction. Honestly, I suspect he’ll have an additional 2 weeks of muffin therapy before we can move on to something more exciting.

Now to the significance of this. In every single one of his milk muffin challenges, we couldn’t get past day 3 of whole muffin therapy. We are officially well past that. And I’m stoked! This is proof the Little Guy is improving. All of our hard work is paying off.

This has also taught us he is still contact to dairy. Earlier this week he had what I call the “red beard”. No hives, no itching, just red. I believe it was due to him not wanting to eat and he got it all over his chin. I believe this because I washed his face and it cleared within 15 mins.

The other good news, several of his allergies went down. Specifically some of the nuts and, amazingly, his wheat. Wheat had been going up for the last couple of years but basically dropped in 1/2. That’s great news. I am hopeful that if we can get through the dairy, we may be looking at doing a wheat challenge. But, honestly, that’s months in the future.

I know this was crazy long. I get it if you didn’t finish reading it. But, I also know I’ve not updated anyone on our success so far with the muffins. I will try very hard to update more as we go. I do ask, for ongoing prayers as we continue with the milk process. It is a long process and I’m always a bit nervous because we are giving him daily something that he anaphylactic to and can kill him.


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  1. Karen Huntley

    Fabulous! Of course prayers continue.

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