Food Allergy Experience

Muffin Therapy, Step 3

We’ve done a lot of muffin therapy in this house. It’s basically been the first step in all of the food challenges. And, milk has been attempted two times prior to this one and egg was attempted two or three times. Luckly, My Little Guy has gotten much better about eating muffins. I do believe its because each time we added another allergen back into the mix, the mufffins become less dense and taste better.

We are on step 3 of milk muffin therapy. Last week was his first whole muffin with 3/4 cup of milk in 12 muffins. I was pretty nervous, because he’s never had that much milk and he’s been anaphylactic to milk. This equals a very nervous and anxious mom. Last week went great and we are on day 5. I’m optimistic that we’ll continue to do well.

After two weeks of 3/4 cups of milk we will call back into the allergist and find out the next step. I anticipate it will be 1 cup in 12 muffins. I’m hoping it won’t be for a full two weeks as that would be 8 weeks or so of daily muffins. Although he does do pretty well with it but does complain some with the last few bites.

We are progressing, even slow progress is progress.




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