Food Allergy Experience

From Muffin to Cheese

Five years ago when the Little Guy was diagnosed with food allergies, I seriously had trouble seeing life normal again. We’ve come a long way down this winding, bumpy path. He’s gotten a few allergies back and some have gone up and down like a roller coaster.

We’ve attempted adding milk back into his diet a couple of times prior to this time. Each time we were stopped before getting past the 1/2 cup in 12 muffins stage. This time we’ve slowly progressed through the muffin stage with today ending (hopefully) two months (or so) of milk muffin therapy. I can say, excitedly that this is not because he’s failed but because he’s passed! Yes! We are very excited in this house, especially the one eating the daily muffin and the one baking all the muffins.


Tomorrow is a big day for him. Tomorrow he branches out to new territory. He moves beyond muffins to cheese. Yes, real cheese. Er, cheese made from milk. No more vegan cheese on his tacos. Ok, I may be getting ahead of ourselves. He’ll still need to have vegan cheese for tacos and extra’s until we clear the cheese stage. But this is HUGE!

It’s also extremely scary for me. You, see I had it set in my mind we were going to do pancakes. I had a plan for pancakes. I have the ingredients for pancakes. I was emotionally ready for pancakes.

But not for cheese. We have cheese in our house because we had tacos. My husband and I still use regular cheese on our tacos. So we have the supplies needed. My Little Guy and his sister have their breakfast orders in (eggs with cheese on top), so I now have a plan. Buuuut, I don’t feel emotionally ready. Cheese is scary to me. It makes this all real.

My Little Guy is ready to go in the morning. When you ask him, he grins widely and announces he will be eating cheese in the morning. He loves the thought of cheese. His face lights up as we planned out his breakfast tomorrow. He’s emotionally ready.

So, tonight, I’m going to go exercise, take a few deep breaths, and wake-up extra early tomorrow. I’ll put that smile on my face and hide any apprehension I may be feeling, because I have a five-year-old boy excited to try cheese for the first time.





    Thank for sharing this day….praying it goes well.Lois J

    Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2016 02:37:29 +0000 To:

    • Thanks! I appreciate the prayers. 🙂

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