Food Allergy Experience

Death by Cheese: A Desperate Mommie’s Plea

I’m so tired of cheese. I’m tired of the word cheese. I’m tired of saying cheese. I’m tired of hearing cheese. I’m tired of whining because he doesn’t want to eat the cheese. I’m tired of begging him to eat cheese. I’m TIRED of cheese! At this point, I’m certain cheese will be the death of me.

You see, my little guy does not like cheese. And worst of all, we are limited to shredded cheddar. We’ve tried a little bit of Gouda and String Cheese and poof, he reacted. It wasn’t even much of either of those types of cheese. So, the allergist said to stick to shredded cheese. I’m so tired of cheese, that I asked the allergist if we could do something different than cheese. I was told no. We have to get through cheese to move on to yogurt. I’m sure he’ll like yogurt. I hope anyways, he’ll like yogurt. We just need to get to yogurt.

To help to put this in perspective, he’s been doing cheese therapy for about 3 weeks now. Yup, 3 weeks (or so) I’ve been trying to add in a bit of cheese to his diet. That’s a really long time to have to eat cheese daily. No wonder the poor kid is sick of cheese.


The worst part of this whole thing, besides the whining and complaining and out right refusal to eat, is he has to eat up to 1/4 of cup of cheese. That’s a lot of cheese to eat in one setting. And, its enough that its very difficult to “hide” the flavor in anything. I’m so tired of cheese.


All I really want is a thumbs-up from him, for one cheese recipe. That’s it. I’d be ecstatic for a thumbs up for something I made with cheese. I’d be one happy mommie.

Please help me get that one thumbs-up. I’m in the search for some good shredded cheese recipes. So, if you have any for let’s say cheesy potatoes or some other crazy, amazing cheesy casserole pass it on to me.

If we can’t make progress on this soon, cheese will most definitely cause my death.

-A Very Desperate Mommie


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