Food Allergy Experience

The Hiatus is over….almost

Hello my friends! Wow…Its been awhile since I’ve been around. Sadly its not because my little guy’s allergies have miraculously healed. Rather, I started (and now finished) graduate school. It took me about 2 years to finish. It was a bit more time consuming than I had ever imagined. I have now finished my last test and will be resting and returning to my meal planning and food allergy topics very soon!

I do want to thank everyone who has taken the time to visit and check out my blog despite my lack of writing. Its nice to see people are still very much interested in food allergies and find some value in what I’ve written.

I do want to share with you some excited news with you today. My little guy is currently down to 2 (ok 3) allergies! I can’t believe how much has changed since he was diagnosed at 6 months. His allergy list includes wheat, peanuts and tree nuts. Now I say tree nuts, however, he has been successfully eating almonds in the form of almond butter. He’s not a fan of actual almonds.

Our next allergist appointment is in August and I’m hopeful that his numbers will continue to fall. We’ve been extremely lucky his numbers are falling naturally verses with treatment. We are also extremely lucky we can eat out in more places now. This made our vacation much easier! It was the first in 6 years I didn’t cook once. Yes! We ate out the entire time we were gone!

I hope this gives you hope. Food allergies are a struggle, but there is hope for improvement in the actual allergies and/or improvement in options.

We will talk soon!


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