Food Allergy Experience

Traveling and Eating Out

We’ve spent some time traveling this spring. We have road tripped from Iowa to Ohio and have made a couple of quick weekend trips. Traveling with multiple food allergies was always troublesome. However, the decrease in number of allergies has made eating out so much easier! It was amazing when we did the longer road trip, I didn’t pack a ton food.

I thought I would make a list of the places we’ve found we could eat safely with food allergies

  1. HuHot- This was a place we’ve eaten even when we had 6 and more allergies.
  2. Culver’s– This is a Midwestern burger place. They have wheat-free buns and offer applesauce as part of the kids meal.
  3. Red Robin– Burger place with gluten-free buns, fruit and veggies as part of the kids meal
  4. Fridays– have gluten-free buns for burgers. Has a decent allergy menu in regards to wheat free/gluten-free options. Kids meal can do a salad in place of fries.
  5. Chipotle– Burrito place but offers rice bowls in stead of the wheat tortilla. Also has corn tortillas for the kids menu. kids menu comes with a piece of fruit.

I’ve been exploring the Find Me GF app. I’ve not used it enough at this point to feel I could review it appropriately. I’ll provide some feedback once I’ve used it more.

Do you have a favorite place to eat that caters well to allergies? Please comment with your favorites.


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