Food Allergy Experience

Summer and Ice Cream

Ahh…summertime! One of my favorite times of year. Nothing quite says summer like watermelon, backyard bar-b-ques, ice cream, and catching lightning bugs. Summer is one that fills my childhood memories. We were kicked-out of my parents house first thing in morning, returned for lunch and supper, and we stayed out until the street lights came on. Those memories are so itched into my memory they easily come flooding back once the weather warms up.

As a parent, there’s some of my summer memories my children probably won’t have. One of those being staying outside all day long with the run of the neighborhood. One reason is we live in the city instead of rural Iowa. Another reason, is I have read stories of child abduction and such. I basically trust very few people.

With a kiddo with food allergies, even more of those activities are more difficult.

For example, backyard bar-b-ques. We grill-out as a family every weekend. However, we hardly ever get invited to friend’s backyard bar-b-ques. Those are the mine-filled events that require constant and diligent attention. When we go, we always take all of my Little Guy’s food. Its easier and safer that way. Unfortunately, often times we get overlooked as an invite. Its hard to want to invite the family who may require extra considerations.

Going out for ice cream is another summer time memory that’s more challenging with food allergies. Last summer my Little Guy was able to add milk back into his diet. Prior to this, going out for ice cream was not an option because of his dairy allergy. Now he has dairy back, but its still incredibly difficult. Last summer we found a soft-serve ice cream place that he could safely eat. But the elusive fun mix-in ice cream was out of the question.

That was until this weekend. We found a frozen yogurt place that had allergy information clearly marked on the machines. They kept the nuts apart from the non nut options. They had fruit to top the ice cream a long with some safe candy options. My Little Guy was thrilled to be able to go out and experience this. It was so much fun seeing his excitement as I told him he could pick his ice cream and toppings.

You can see the ice cream shop website to see if you have one local to you. If there’s not one near you, ask around and see if there’s something similar to you.

How do you manage your food allergies and summertime fun? What’s your favorite childhood memories? I’d love to hear from you so please share below!


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