Food Allergy Experience

Lunchables: More than a lunch

I have two kids, one with food allergies and one without. My eldest has no food allergies and my youngest allergies have improved greatly. He is now down to only two main allergies: Wheat and Nuts/Peanuts. Its amazing to have seen his progress.

I often talk about our food allergies and the struggles with food and finding food when away from home. I try to share a balance of struggles and successes. Sometimes I find this balance hard. Its easy to look at the negatives and a bit harder some days to find a  positive.

We were out and about earlier this week and it was lunch time. We’d stopped by Target for the ICE waters, they were on sale for $1.00 and my kids were asking for one. I was starving so thought I’d look for something quick we could eat that would save me from cooking. Unfortunately, the Target wasn’t a Super Target so it wasn’t looking overly hopeful.

As we wandered, we found ourselves in the Lunchables aisle. My daughter suggested we get one. I gave my usual reply, “No. We need to find something Little Guy safe”. She excitedly said, “Mommie there’s a Lunchables he can have!” After a few times back and forth, I processed what she said. And, she was correct! He can have exactly 1 Lunchables.


The Nacho Lunchables is safe. It does not contain wheat or nuts. Its basically corn tortilla chips and salsa with cheese dip. So it works for his allergies. We were all super excited. Little Guy was excited to try out something new. He wanted to wait to eat until he got home while his sister ate in the car.  After eating it, he decided the salsa was better than the cheese sauce.

I know, to the average kid, eating a Lunchables isn’t a huge deal. Its hardly blog worthy. For some its even a monthly, weekly, or daily substitution for school lunch. But for a little guy who has grown up with many limitations its exciting to eat something other kids eat and enjoy.

You see a simple Lunchables is so much more than a Lunchables. Its an opportunity to be a typical (because I’m trying hard to stop using normal) kid. To blend into the background instead of to stick out. To be like his friends. A Lunchables is also freedom. If we’re out and about and lunch time hits. We now have another option to run into any grocery store and grab him lunch. Prior to this, we had to be selective which grocery stores we stopped at in order to increase our chances of finding food for him. Then, we had to search for something that would work. This is simplified. This is easier and faster.

So yeah, this is so much more than a Lunchables. And we are beyond excited about this.


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