Food Allergy Experience

Menu Planning 2017 (3)

Wow this week went fast! We kept ourselves pretty busy this week with a trip to our local zoo, the botanical center to see the corpse flower, music lessons, and cleaning out some of our clothes. It was incredibly, hot this week so I did not really follow my menu plan last week. Hitting 100 a couple of times did not have me wanting to turn on the oven or even cook.

Next week, we’ve got a slower schedule and it looks like we will be a few degrees cooler. I’m hoping that’s correct.

Menu 7/23

      AM: Muffins
      Lunch: Sack Lunch
      Supper: Pasta with meat sauce
      AM: Smoothies
      Lunch: Fish sticks, Fruit, Fries
      Supper: Pancakes and eggs
      AM: Cinnamon Toast
      Lunch: Hot dogs, Salad, Fruit
      Supper: Chicken Stir-fry
      AM: Almond Butter Toast w/honey
      Lunch: Chicken Salad
      Supper: Salsa Chicken
      AM: Cereal 
      Lunch:  Grilled Cheese, Applesauce, Jell-o Cup
      Supper: Pizza 
      AM: Smoothie
      Lunch: Beanie Weanies
      Supper: Lemon Chicken with rice
      AM: Cereal
      Lunch: Leftovers 
      Supper: Grilling out 

Well, that's it! Nothing to exciting but I am trying out a few new things. 
I also made biscuits and gravy last week and will post that recipe soon. 
What's on your menu this week? Share a link to your menu plan.


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